Please take a second to glance over basic information detailed here - this will make the ordering, delivery and collection of medication a much smoother process.

- printable new resident guide

We are continually getting documents and prescriptions for people at homes that we have no information about.  There is fundamental and legal information that we need to put on to our systems to ensure efficiency and safety.  Here is our ‘new resident form’.  This is used to give us some general information about the new resident.  Things like allergies, NHS number, and doctor’s name.  These are all basic snippets to enable us to get the right person on to the system with the right information.  The new resident will be on our system but will not have a tick sheet generated until we have completed a full cycle and so the 'new resident medication form' should be sent with the tick sheets. Both forms should be filled out as accurately and completely as possible.  A recent picture of the resident is also required and should be sent to

As with the above, there is nothing worse than ordering medication only to be told by the GP that the person is RIP or by the home that the person has left.  This is not only time consuming but can also be a cost to the Health Service.  As above, please use our ‘resident leaving form’ that deals with this occurrence.

Our driver’s routes are planned ergonomically and in a circular fashion.  They leave at around 10.30am and aim to cover all destinations by 1.30pm on their morning run - although this may vary dependent on workload and traffic conditions - and 3.30pm in the afternoon.  We deal with over 35 homes and 55 surgeries in the local area and it is essential that the drivers stick to their allotted routes to ensure safe and efficient delivery and collections to and for all destinations.  Our drivers aim to be helpful but please remember that only Dave has the license and vehicle to collect CD returns.  This is to enable safe delivery of the CD’s back to the pharmacy where they can be put away under lock and key.

Most surgeries that we deal with do fax prescriptions but there are certain things to bear in mind if and when they do.  Our cut-off time for am and pm deliveries are 10am and 3pm respectively.  IT IS NOT OUR RESPONSIBILTY if a surgery refuses to fax or does not send it in time.  With a little bit of coaxing, some that won’t may well change their ways.  Some homes have even been to see the practice manager to explain the situation.  A good working relationship with the surgery always helps.  Controlled drugs CANNOT be dispensed from a fax.

While we specialise in monthly medication, we also dispense and deliver acutes.  As detailed by the Medicines Management Team, IT IS THE ULTIMATE RESPONSIBILTY OF THE HOME TO ENSURE THAT AN URGENT MEDICATION IS DELIVERED TO THE RESIDENT IN A SATISFACTORY TIME.  Increasingly, homes are relying on the pharmacy to deliver medication at odd times or in an untimely fashion.  The MMT frown on this and in some cases have informed homes to collect the PX and get it dispensed by a local pharmacy by any means that they can.  This, obviously, is in the resident’s best interests.  When informing our pharmacy of any prescriptions to be collected, please make sure that it is SIGNED AND READY FOR COLLECTION.

We are fully licensed to carry returned medication.  These driver will sign the 'returns book sheet' on collection.  CD’s should be entered and countersigned in your CD Records Book by another staff member. Our driver will only count and make sure that the CD returned matches the count in the CD Records Book.

We cannot collect confidential waste from homes.  Empty trays and pods are not recycled and we will not accept these.  The printed seal of the tray with residents details on them can be easily removed and put in your own confidential waste.  Alternatively, left to soak in warm soapy water, the details will wash off.

Recently, we have been asked to change a resident’s medication without any written consent from the prescriber.  IT IS A LEGALITY that any change/stop of medication must be accompanied by the written consent of the prescriber.  This could be a written letter, a stop on the MAR chart or a signature on our ‘change/stop of medication’ form.  The GP could even sign this. Without this, we can do nothing.

Deductions from trays should be returned to the pharmacy to have the appropriate listed medication removed. Due to the complications with Biodose, we will NOT add to trays mid-cycle. Medication added mid-cycle will be supplied loose and put in trays ready for the next cycle.

EPS has been rolled out nationally with the idea that prescriptions will now be paperless.  We have been EPS enabled since December 2014.  Prescription clerks at surgeries populate the prescription on the screen and then electronically send it to the GP.  When he is satisfied that the prescription is correct, he electronically ‘signs’ it and sends it to the patients nominated pharmacy.  By default, any residents at your home will automatically be nominated to us unless we are specifically asked not to. The system is fast and efficient and for any surgery that will not fax, EPS makes it easier for them to get urgent prescriptions to us.

There are many forms, information sheets and .xls forms on our downloads page. Please feel free to avail yourselves of these. Bear in mind that they change periodically so try not to print off more that you are comfortable with.